Rush: The 10,000 Hour Rule and The Long Tail by Scott Pierce

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Rush: The 10,000 Hour Rule and The Long Tail

- Scott Pierce


Scott Pierce (known to most as Pierce) has been writing code for most of his life. His parents had a software company when he was a child and started him out on BASIC, CBASIC and Assembler. After attending Birmingham-Southern College and flirting with a career in the financial industry, he decided to go with his strengths and re-entered the IT sector just before the bubble hit. He spent the better half of the 1990s as a contracted software developer with various firms and government agencies including Rust Engineering (now Raytheon), Ryder Integrated Logistics, Sonat (now part of El Paso Energy), Humana Health Care, the State of Arkansas Department of Revenue and the State of Georgia Department of Labor. He came aboard at Intermark in February 2000 and has since worked with Toyota Motor Sales, Mohawk Flooring, Krispy Kreme, Vulcan Materials, Sigma Nu National Fraternity, JM Family Enterprises/Southeast Toyota Distributors, LLC and other Fortune 100 companies.

In his free time, Pierce reads, cooks, plays with his dogs, reads cookbooks, reads about dogs, but never combines cooking with his dogs. He is also a mediocre musician in multiple instruments including saxophone, guitar and piano and can sight read music, though he always has to transpose the bass clef. He is happy to say that his wife has been able to put up with him for nearly ten years now.



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