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twitter for sports

- Katerina Stroponiati


Katerina holds a Production Engineering & Management degree from Technical University of Crete. After graduating she worked in engineering and construction projects for 2 years. By realizing the importance of combining engineering with Architecture in order to achieve innovation, she attended various architecture courses at UC Berkeley. This is where she had her first contact with the world of startups and without a second thought: She jumped in!
weendy is her second StartUp, previously she has launched frogetit(a social reminder tool) and she also works as a UI/UX designer with several international teams. If you're looking for her, head on over to popular windsurfing spots and you'll see her fighting with the waves. Her nickname is "the questionmark". You don't want to be there when she starts asking you about something she found interesting.
weendy is a social network for (water)sport addicts where they can share the fun, action and conditions from beach spots as it happens. It started as a tool between friends, some months ago, to share wind conditions, but the community immediately expressed the need to connect with each other to share their experiences, explore new places and talk about weather conditions. weendy quickly evolved from a simple weather tool to a whole new experience.



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