The UX of Color, Light, and Dining by Erin Bradner

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UXPA 2012

The UX of Color, Light, and Dining

- Erin Bradner

In her fascinating segment from the "Culinary UX" Ignite session from UXPA2012, Erin Bradner takes us through several examples of how light and color affect your appetite and the dining experience overall.


I manage user-experience research across several of Autodesk's engineering and design products. I research topics ranging from the future of computer-aided design to how best to integrate marking menus into AutoCAD. I have a Ph.D. in Human-Computer Interaction and 15 years of experience using both quantitative and qualitative research methods. Over the years I have called myself Usability Engineer, Usability Specialist, and Design Researcher. If you had asked me 15 years ago what I thought of our team name today – User Experience Research – I would have rejected it as sounding vague and not-rigorous. Today, I hang this name on the doors of our lab. I’ve found I’m better equipped to solve design problems by researching the best possible experience (experience research) rather than engineering use (usability engineering). Prior to Autodesk, I consulted for IBM, Boeing and AT&T. I’m an avid hiker and volunteered on soil studies in the Amazonian rainforest. I recently completed a 16,000 foot trek in the Himalayas.



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