What the @!#%$! Do Those Motorcycle Hand Signals Mean? by Karl LeRay

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What the @!#%$! Do Those Motorcycle Hand Signals Mean?

- Karl LeRay

Motorcyclists use hand signals when riding, and always when riding with a group, when the signals get passed back to all the riders. Motorists may be curious about the signals, too, and want to be aware of what motorcyclists are about to do in the roadway, or what safety message the motorcyclist may be trying to give them. For beginning motorcycle enthusiasts or curious motorists, knowing what the signals mean is welcome information.


Karl LeRay, our motorcycle guru hails from afar . . . from Kingston, Jamaica to be more exact. Karl was born to thoroughly normal, upper middle-class parents in Jamaica (the country) during the Kennedy Era. They immigrated to the United States where he was raised in a loving, supportive household in New York City, and educated well by his parents and his teachers. Naturally . . . he couldn’t stand the heat and bustle—thus his permanent residence in Alaska.

Karl has been an avid motorcyclist for nearly three decades. He's a member of the Dawgs of the North, ABATE, CMA (Christian Motorcycle Association), and HOG (Harley Owners Group). When not writing lame biographies of himself, other hobbies include photography, listening to too-loud music, gourmet cooking (and eating thereof) reading, writing, gaming, and an almost unknown sport called “thinking” (a vigorous avocation; it has a small but fiercely loyal following). He’s been known to be seriously into Internet Porn from time to time though he claims that this somehow enhances his desire of poetry and other literature. This is where that whole writing thing comes into play. A proponent of the needlessly long sentence, he has never met a comma or a clause that he didn’t like. He sings a mean karaoke, too. In reality,

Karl probably works more than he should. With his full-time business Apex Logic and several part-time projects, free time is a precious commodity. He yearns for a vacation more than anything else. Perhaps the day that he achieves his goal of becoming independently wealthy, he can finally settle down and do what he wants to do most which . . . well . . . he’ll figure that out when he has a moment to do so. You'll find him @hogbiker on Twitter.



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