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UXPA 2012

What it Takes to Establish UX

- Gina Bhawalkar

In this Ignite talk from UXPA2012, Gina Bhawalkar shares the secrets of her successful creation of a thriving UX group at the online brokerage Scottrade.

Gina's slides are available online at http://www.slideshare.net/ginabhawalkar/gina-bhawalkar-upa-ignite-presentation.


Gina Bhawalkar currently manages the User Experience team at Scottrade, Inc., designing web and software platforms for self-directed investors. At Scottrade she was hired to establish UX within the firm and grow a UX team. She has grown a team of one to a team of eight UX designers and UX researchers and has integrated user-centered design into the software development process at Scottrade. Prior to entering the world of UX management Gina was a UX consultant for four years for Perficient, Inc. She is passionate about web accessibility and also spent time working as an accessibility consultant for the Georgia Tech Research Institute and then Criterion 508. She has a MS in HCI from the Georgia Institute of Technology. In her free time Gina is a lover of endurance sports and enjoys competing in marathons & ultramarathons.

You can follow Gina on Twitter at @ginabhawalkar.



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